A note from Verena Vomastic, Organizer of the Colorado Holistic/Alternative Medicine Community Meetup

My vision for this Meetup is to provide a holistic-health and wellness-focused framework for exploring cutting-edge healthcare solutions, pursuing health- and wellness-related learning and practice opportunities, networking, collaborating, and creating new friendships, sharing professional and practical insights, and supporting each other’s businesses and our local communities while keeping an open mind and having fun.

If you need to get the word out about an upcoming event, I will be happy to post your announcement to the Meetup group. Please email 2-3 sentences describing the purpose of your event, along with date/time, location, and any other relevant specifics to v2@MountainLightHealing.com.

To host an event, you must be a member of this Meetup.

If you own or know of a suitable space for networking meetings and/or other events, please provide me with the relevant details (such as location, size, setup options, fees, and contact information).

To Join the Meetup

Go to www.Meetup.com and create an account (if you don’t already have one).

Look for Colorado Holistic/Alternative Medicine Community and join the group; it’s FREE!

You’ll get email notifications of all upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Please visit the Meetup site for details and to RSVP!