Mosaic was formed in 2003 by consolidating two Nebraska-based ministries and currently has offices in 10 U.S. states. The organization is focused on creating a life of possibilities through personalized services for people with intellectual disabilities.

Mosaic works with each individual client to determine what they love to do, how they like to spend their day, and what goals they would like to achieve. They then partner with the clients to make those things happen and support them on their journey to a life of greater happiness and fulfillment.

A perfect day is different for each Mosaic client; the video below offers some specific examples:

Mosaic’s facility in Colorado Springs is located at 888 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 100

On the first Monday of every month, Mosaic hosts an orientation tour and networking meeting—Discover the Possibilities (DTP). The first session starts at 11:00 am and is followed by lunch and networking opportunities; the second session begins with lunch/networking at 12:00 pm and finishes with the tour by about 1:30 pm.

Please contact Verena Vomastic, one of Mosaic’s Ambassadors, at 719-648-5234, if you are interested in participating in an upcoming DTP event.

For more information on the Mosaic organization, please visit their website.