If companies were to institute a Workplace Wellness Program, they could realize major economic benefits!

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism looked at 42 published studies on the economic impact of company-based wellness programs and found that they led to a 28-percent reduction in sick days, a 26-percent reduction in health costs, and a 30-percent reduction in worker’s comp and disability claims. For every dollar spent, $5.93 was saved.

Our Workplace Wellness Program provides practical tools and proven techniques for

– Proactively addressing specific health concerns

– Supporting emotional balance

– Increasing resiliency and vitality

– Fostering greater well-being

with the Goal of

‒ Supporting wellness throughout the workforce

‒ Reducing absenteeism

‒ Increasing productivity

‒ Maintaining high-level job satisfaction

‒ Providing a healthier work environment.

River Rocks

Workplace Wellness Program elements include

‒ Introduction to Energy Medicine 

‒ Focused Self-Help Workshops

Energy Medicine Favorites

Detox and Revitalize

Vitality Booster Daily Energy Routine

Holistic Stress Management

Energy Medicine First-Aid Kits for

  • Stress Relief and Heart Health
  • Relief from Physical Discomfort
  • Hormone Balance
  • Staying Grounded and Building Resilience
  • Eye Health and Vision Support
  • as well as other areas of interest

‒ Private Mini-Sessions, focused on Stress Relief, Relief from Physical Discomfort, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity

‒ Gentle Energy Medicine (GEM) / Trauma-Sensitive Floor and Chair Yoga Classes.