At Mountain Light Healing, we promote the practice of yoga as a relaxation technique for stress management and for stimulating and balancing the body’s energy systems.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union, specifically the union of mind, body, and spirit, and there are many yogic paths. We primarily subscribe to the path of Hatha Yoga in the style taught by YogaFit® which seeks to make yoga accessible to everybody.

Hatha yoga uses a series of poses (asanas) and breathing techniques to balance physical and mental energies and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Our trauma-sensitive Gentle Energy Medicine (GEM) Yoga workshops are aimed at enhancing the health-promoting benefits of yoga with proven energy-medicine self-help techniques primarily from the work of Donna Eden. They are focused on relaxation and renewal—releasing stress, tension, and negative emotions; being present in the body; enhancing focus and concentration; building and strengthening trust and confidence; and nourishing and revitalizing mind, body, and spirit.

To learn more about the elements of GEM Yoga, please refer to the following books:

If you are planning to join us for a GEM Yoga workshop, please download and review our Participant Agreement and bring a completed copy with you to the workshop.