Although Verena cannot guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue, her clients report having positive experiences. Here is what some individuals have to say:

EEM LogoDear Verena, Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate how you rearranged your schedule to accommodate an appointment with my 83-year-old mother who is undergoing cancer treatment, when she was in from Utah. She was so impressed with how gentle, compassionate and caring you are. The results were remarkable, too. After the appointment when she walked down the stairs to the car, she explained to me that her knees were feeling great and she was walking normal… something she was not able to do for quite some time. She knew how she felt, but my family members could see in her face and hear in her voice how great she felt. A remote healing session is in the makes. Again, thanks for being so special.

―Mike Warner, June 2012


HandsI scheduled an appointment for my wife, but at the last minute she couldn’t make it; so I went in her place rather than leave Verena without a client. She explained what she was going to do. Bear in mind, at the time I didn’t think of any ailment–I just wanted the experience. During the session, my left wrist and arm started aching… a lot. After the session, it dawned on me that the tennis elbow I had been putting up with for over a year might have been the reason for the ache. I returned to my office, where I spontaneously reached and picked up a 32-ounce bottle of water with my left hand, something I had avoided in the past as it was quite uncomfortable and behold there was no discomfort. Who would think that in a 35-minute time period, laying on one’s back on a comfortable table, the problem in my elbow was now gone. It has been over a year now, and it is still gone. I’ve told my golfing buddies about my experience. They refuse to believe it’s possible and continue to take Advil. It would be my wish that more people who are suffering from chronic issues, would let God do his natural healing on them through Verena.

―Mike Warner, June 2012


Chakra LocationsVerena, Thank you for your excellent workshop yesterday. Your material was so well organized (probably the scientist/engineer in you!) and the workshop was jam-packed with information.  I am so glad I attended, and it was a helpful review from your workshop a week earlier. My friend mentioned that she, too, thoroughly enjoyed the entire workshop.  We appreciated the knowledge and professionalism of your facilitators.

–Blessings, H. R., August 2012


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Dear Verena, Working with you has been so helpful to my efforts toward changing my consciousness. I put myself in your hands and shared my thruths and felt total safety, and because of your grounded, energetically clean, consistent and compassionate competence, I have frequently found myself in a better place. I appreciate the many ways you have of weaving your expertise and sensitivity through the process without coopting it. Thank you so very much!

―J.D., Colorado Springs, January 2013


Energy ManSpecial thanks for the great workshop. The last two mornings I have been practicing the Vitality Booster techniques, and I have so much more energy and feel so much more grounded. I plan to include it in my morning routine from now on!

―Dale Marich, July 2013


HandsMy Reconnection was done by Verena Vomastic of Mountain Light Healing in Colorado Springs on 24 and 25 April, 2012.

During the first session, I felt physically hot and demonstrated the registers of rapid eye movement, movement of my arms and hands, movement of my feet. That night I slept deeply, soundly, and peacefully. I woke up with a feeling that I had experienced a healing during the night both on a soul level and a physical level. During the weeks prior to this, I had been waking up at odd hours late at night and had not felt very rested upon awakening in the morning. It was a relief to finally get a good night’s rest, perhaps the best rest I can ever recall having. 

During the second session, I felt physically hot again. I could feel the presence of other beings in the room besides Verena and me, as if they were standing next to me and staring at me. For one instant, in my mind’s eye I saw Jesus above and to the left of me. Then I flashed on the vision of an owl a few times. At one point, I felt the palm of a woman’s hand touch the left side of my abdomen. I could tell it was a woman’s hand. Although my eyes were closed all the time, I could see flashes of light on the inside of my eyes. Then I felt as if I were being swaddled like a mummy. I had a vision of bands of light that were encasing my body to give me that feeling of being bundled up and protected. I had a tremendous amount of rapid eye movement and could feel intense tingling in my third eye. My arms and legs were moving about frequently.

Later when I got home, I felt a peaceful calm, and an inner certainty, confidence, and decisiveness that I had never experienced before.  

―S. I.