The body is designed to heal itself.  ―Donna Eden

Simple Tools — Powerful Results — Profound Transformations

At Mountain Light Healing, our passion is being a catalyst for transforming lives through energy medicine. By balancing the body’s energy systems, correcting distortions in the body-field, enabling healing of the energetic wounds of trauma, facilitating a deeper connection to Source, and teaching easy-to-use techniques for self-care, we support individuals in managing stress, experiencing healthier and more joyful lives, and achieving their fullest potential. Working with the subtle body often opens the doors to gaining greater clarity and expanded awareness and to realizing specific intentions and desires.

We provide a safe and caring professional environment, built on a foundation of integrity, mutual trust, and a strong code of ethics, and would be honored to facilitate your transformational journey to greater well-being.

Professional Services

We completely understand that our clients don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care!

Private Healing Sessions—in-office or remote

Our private sessions are tailored to address each client’s specific needs for healing and personal transformation. They primarily employ the energy-medicine modalities of NES Health, Eden Energy Medicine, and the Emotion Code, and may draw on other modalities, as appropriate.

Integrative Energy-Medicine Sessions are a custom blend of energy-medicine modalities, taking into account individual preferences and the body’s priorities for healing. Sessions for established clients are 60 minutes long; initial sessions for new clients are scheduled for 75 minutes to allow for a more comprehensive energy assessment.

Stress-Relief Mini-Sessions are focused on proven stress-relief, relaxation, and revitalizing techniques. They are 35 minutes in duration.

Grid-Connection Sessions are focused on repairing your energetic foundation, one grid line at a time. They typically take about 90 minutes, but can also last much longer. Therefore they are usually scheduled as the last appointment for the day.

Energy Detective Sessions let you see the unseen; they include a NES ProVision scan, followed by a detailed review of the scan results. They are 45 minutes long.

NES Health Sessions for Remote Clients include a ProVision scan, review of results, and follow-up recommendations. They require access to a remote scanning device and are 45 minutes long for established clients, 60 minutes for new clients.

NES miHealth Sessions are focused on specific healing protocols. They are 25 minutes long.

Emotion Code Sessions are focused on engaging the subconscious mind to identify and release trapped emotions. They are scheduled for 25 minutes at a time.

You will remain fully clothed for all types of sessions. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and be prepared to remove belts, electronics, and large jewelry items.

Experiential Workshops on Holistic Stress Management topics and Energy-Medicine Self-Help Techniques

Our innovative workshops are designed to introduce participants to a broad spectrum of stress-management techniques and to empower everyone with practical tools for promoting optimal health and well-being.

Professional Fees


Payments must be made either online prior to the appointment or in person at the time of the appointment. We accept personal checks, cash, PayPal, and credit/debit cards via Square. We work on a fee-for-service basis and are unable to bill through insurance.

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The Mountain Light Healing Studio is located at 1235 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 127, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. Directions can be found here.

Workshops are offered at the studio as well as other locations in the greater Colorado Springs area. Please contact us for details.

We can also provide on-site services at your location. Please contact our office to discuss how we may best support your specific requirements.

Remote Healing Sessions are available via phone or internet support worldwide. 

New-Client Forms

Please download and review our New-Client Information Package and bring completed forms with you to your first appointment (if needed, additional copies will be available at our office).

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson