“Energy Medicine is the science and the art of optimizing your energies to help your body and mind function at their best. Controlling your chemistry by managing your energies is the fast track for helping your body evolve and adapt to the challenges of the 21st century.”  —Donna Eden

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and the Eden Method were created by widely respected healer, visionary pioneer, and internationally recognized authority in the field of Energy Medicine, Donna Eden. Her hands-on healthcare approach provides assessments and interventions that focus on the body’s electromagnetic and subtle energy systems. It reflects her life-long abilities to see energies and observe the effects of specific courses of action.

A comprehensive article describing the development of EEM and where energy medicine fits within the larger scheme of healthcare can be downloaded here. It was authored by Donna and her husband, David Feinstein, PhD, a clinical psychologist and leading authority in the field of Energy Psychology. The article was originally published in the Summer 2020 edition of the Advances in Mind-Body Medicine journal.

Eden Energy Medicine Framework

EEM is deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and healing traditions from different parts of the world. Moreover, EEM leverages applied-kinesiology concepts and techniques developed by the Touch for Health community, along with adaptations of selected Brain Gym® exercises, in creating Donna Eden’s unique, practical approach for working with the body’s energies.

EEM recognizes nine primary, interrelated, subtle energy systems:

  • The Meridians—your body’s energy pathways
  • The Chakras—spinning pools of energy
  • The Aura—energies that surround
  • Triple Warmer—energies that protect
  • The Five Elements—the rhythms of your energy systems
  • The Radiant Circuits—energies of harmony and joy
  • The Electrics—the spark in your energy systems
  • The Celtic Weave—the connective tissue of your energy systems
  • The Basic Grid—the foundation of your energy systems.

Among these, the three most well-known systems are the acupuncture meridiansyour energy-transportation highway system; the chakras—your subtle body’s energy centers, transformer stations, and energetic counterparts to the endocrine glands; and the aura—your body’s biofield. Click here for Alex Grey’s illustrations of the energy body and related artwork in his Sacred Mirrors collection.

Triple Warmer is a highly complex system that can take on three different roles: meridian, Radiant Circuit, and independent energy system. As an independent energy system, it governs the sympathetic nervous system and its fight-or-flight stress response; the body’s survival and other habits; and many critical aspects of the immune system.

The Five Elements (also known as the Five Rhythms or Five Seasons) are represented by the metaphors of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal, based on the TCM model. They provide a framework for understanding and working with chronic health issues, behavioral patterns, and emotional challenges.

The Radiant Circuits (called Strange Flows or Extraordinary Vessels in TCM), the Electrics, and the Celtic Weave interact with all the other energy systems in a dynamic fashion. While they are independent energy systems, they permeate the energy body and provide integrating and supporting functions for the other energy systems.

The Radiant Circuits were the subject of Donna Eden’s 28-Day Joy Challenge filmed in 2020.

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The Basic Grid can be characterized as the skeleton of the energy body; it is the foundation of the other energy systems and the most solid of all. Grid energy has movement, but it does not flow like the meridians. While a meridian is like a river, a grid pathway is like a moat, a fixed channel. Grid energy moves very slowly and at a deep level.

Shock or trauma can damage the grid structure, disrupting one or more of the eight grid lines (four on the front of the body and four on the backside). The damage resembles a roadway that has been cracked open by an earthquake. The grid typically does not repair by itself. While the grid energy is still present, it cannot flow along the broken pathway and bridge the gap, so the body’s energetic foundation is compromised. Various physical and emotional problems that seem to defy correction may trace to a disturbed grid pattern.

When the grid has been damaged, cloacal energy, a more fluid grid-support system, is activated along the broken grid pathways—like mobilizing additional white blood cells to combat an illness or injury in the physical body. Cloacal energy can jump onto the damaged grid pathway and provide a bridge, but it does not go deep enough to mend the damage at the foundational level. The grid itself needs to be repaired by a trained advanced practitioner (EEM-AP), who can serve as a jumper cable to enable the segments of a broken grid pathway to re-establish a solid connection. When the grid is healthy and strong, all the body’s energies are supported.

In addition to the nine primary energy systems, EEM works with many secondary systems; these include Neurolymphatic Reflex Points, Neurovascular Reflex/Holding Points, the Assemblage Point, Vortexes, and the Vivaxis Field.

To learn more, visit the Eden Method website and check out Donna’s free classes and online training options. For additional information and products, click here.

“In every culture and every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”   —Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD, PhD, 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine

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Eden Energy Medicine at Mountain Light Healing

Leveraging extensive training and recognized expertise in EEM, we offer private consultations, experiential workshops, and foundational energy-medicine intensives.

Private Consultations

In our work with clients, we specialize in creating custom solutions for managing stress and for helping individuals heal their energetic wounds created by physical and/or emotional trauma. Energetic trauma resolution can often be greatly accelerated by repairing the skeleton of the energy body, the Basic Grid.

The grid-repair process is an advanced EEM protocol that is aimed at helping individuals return to wholeness and remember who they are at a deep level. This work tends to serve as an enabler for the recipients to reclaim their true power and manifest profound changes in their lives.

Experiential Workshops

Our experiential workshops focus on practical energy-medicine techniques for releasing stress, addressing common health challenges, and attaining personal wellness goals.

The foundational Vitality Booster workshop provides introductory information about the field of energy medicine and gives you the tools to start boosting your vitality, resilience, balance, and overall health and well-being in less than 10 minutes a day.

We also offer other 60- to 90-minute workshops, each one introducing a tailored set of energy-medicine self-help techniques. Current topics include:

  • Managing Stress and Supporting Heart Health
  • Relieving Physical Discomfort
  • Energetic Detox Support
  • Dialoguing with the Body (Energy Testing)
  • Staying Grounded, Centered, and Aligned
  • Supporting Hormonal Balance
  • Tips and Tools for Restorative Sleep
  • Promoting Focus, Mental Clarity, and Inner Peace
  • Supporting Eye Health and Clear Vision
  • Understanding Yourself and Others (Sensory Types)
  • Living in Your Element.

In addition, we teach selected EEM techniques for working with a partner. These include the following protocols:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Quickie Energy Balancer
  • Brazilian Toe Touch Technique
  • Black Pearl Technique.

Foundational Energy-Medicine Intensives

Foundational energy-medicine intensives are typically offered over a weekend, with 6 hours of instruction and hands-on practice each day. They cover many of the key topics from Donna Eden’s award-winning book, Energy Medicine. The knowledge and practical experience you will gain from these classes will help you feel and be your best and provide you with powerful tools that you can put to use immediately.

On the first day, you will learn about basic concepts of energy medicine and start exploring a variety of topics that are important for self-care and healing, such as grounding, polarity, and balancing of the acupuncture meridians—the rivers of energy that vitalize your body and its systems. You will learn the Vitality Booster Daily Energy Routine that will serve as a foundation for achieving and maintaining high levels of vitality, resilience, and overall quality of life. 

On the second day, you will learn important techniques for managing stress and physical discomfort. You will also explore energy testing—an opportunity to dialogue with the energies flowing through the body. Lastly, you will learn and practice two popular partner-protocols (Quickie Energy Balancer and Brazilian Toe Touch Technique) aimed at balancing and harmonizing the body’s energy systems.

“Donna Eden is one of the most joyous and effective pioneers in the rapidly expanding and vitally important frontier called energy medicine.”   —Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times best-selling author and leading authority in the field of Women’s Health and Wellness

Heaven Rushing In with Donna Eden and the Aging Joyfully Class (Palm Springs, CA, January 2015)