Realize that everything connects to everything else.”   —Leonardo DaVinci

Connective Tissue

MELT® is a unique and simple self-care system created by somatic-movement educator and manual therapist Sue Hitzmann, MS, CST, NMT.

MELT® protocols are focused on rehydrating the connective tissue—a three-dimensional, fluid-based system that provides connectivity and stability throughout the body.

Connective tissue is located beneath the skin; it surrounds and holds in place every organ, bone, muscle, nerve fiber, and blood vessel and has piezoelectric properties. It is key to greater strength, flexibility, and overall health. Connective tissue has sensitive nerves and gets dehydrated (tightens up) under stress.

The connective-tissue system plays an important role in energy medicine, as several different researchers have independently reached the conclusion that the meridian system can be found here.

The MELT Method® uses a set of specially designed small balls and a soft body roller to restore and maintain the integrity of the connective tissue with the goal of making the body feel vibrant, healthy, and free from physical discomfort at any age.

MELT® has shown to improve flexibility, alignment and posture, balance, workout results, joint mobility, sleep and digestion, and overall well-being, while reducing physical discomfort, wrinkles and cellulite, tension, stress, and headaches, as well as the risk of injury.

Results from practicing MELT® techniques are often noticeable right away. Over time, MELT® heightens the body’s ability to repair and heal itself, which can effect lasting positive changes.

For more information about the MELT Method® and to shop for MELT® products, please visit their official website,

MELT® Hand and Foot Self-Treatment Kit

MELT® Hand and Foot Self-Treatments use only the set of small balls to provide a whole-body tune-up; they focus on five simple techniques that are based on manual therapy and the emerging science of connective tissue: Position-Point Pressing, Gliding, Shearing, Rinsing, and Friction-MELTing.

Position-Point Pressing applies direct, tolerable pressure to specific points on the hands and feet, mobilizing the joints and rejuvenating them with essential fluid. It is aimed at improving not only the mobility of the hands and feet, but also the neurological connection between your extremities and every other system in your body.

Gliding uses slow, bi-directional movements with consistent pressure to explore the tissue for restrictions. It introduces compression without overstimulating the tissue and prepares the respective area for the more focused pressure of Shearing.

Shearing combines small movements with specific pressure to stimulate fluid production deep within the connective tissue, which is vital for joint mobility. It also directly addresses areas of tension and connective-tissue dehydration and improves the flexibility and stability of the joint spaces.

Rinsing is done in a single direction with consistent pressure to optimize the flow of connective-tissue fluid throughout the entire body. It restores hydration to all three dimensions of the connective tissue. As an added benefit, Rinsing helps to relieve tension in the neck and low back. The key to Rinsing is the direction and the consistency—not the depth—of the pressure applied.

Friction MELTing involves lightly rubbing the ball in random patterns to stimulate the most superficial layer of the connective tissue and to encourage fluid movement in the lymphatic system. This helps to reduce inflammation in the hands and feet.

While these hand and foot self-treatment techniques will benefit anyone, they will be especially helpful to those working at a desk and/or on a computer for extended periods of time.

A kit containing the MELT® Hand and Foot Therapy Balls can be purchased on the MELT Method® website, where you can also download the official Getting Started guide. Discover how MELT® can help you transform your body in as little as 10 minutes a day!

“When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things.   —Armand DiMele