Mountain Light Healing, LLC, was founded by Verena and John Vomastic in January 2010 to establish a framework for guiding individuals to optimal health and well-being by engaging their innate healing abilities.

The company is built around a passion for personal empowerment and integrative, holistic approaches to healthcare. Educational and professional services are focused on managing stress and boosting vitality, resilience, performance, and overall quality of life.

Leveraging its owners’ former careers in science, technology, and operations, along with wide-ranging training and expertise in energy medicine, Mountain Light Healing offers a unique blend of practical tools, proven techniques, and leading-edge technologies to support you on your healing journey. A current practice overview is provided below.

Energy Medicine/Bioenergetics for Whole Health and Empowered Living

Return to Wholeness

“The biology of wholeness is the study of the body as an integrated, coordinated, successful system. No parts or properties are uncorrelated, all are demonstrably interlinked. And the links are not single chains, but a great number of crisscrossed pathways.”

—Edward Adolph, Physiologist and one of the leaders in regulatory biology