“Prayer is a lot more than just asking for something in return. It’s a time when you can genuinely connect with God, your Source, and your soul. Prayer is a conversation between you and the Source that loves you unconditionally.”   —John Holland, International Psychic Medium, Author and Spiritual Teacher

The development of the X-Test Universal Prayer System by Alexander von Pelet at WellConn in Germany has launched a new generation of wellness devices. The X‑Test™ workstation operates in a stand-alone mode (without any connection to the internet); it uses advanced technologies to provide an interactive framework for submitting focused prayer requests tailored to specific health concerns and wellness goals.

X-Test™ aims to promote a state of high-level well-being for humans, animals, plants, and the environment. Additional areas of application may include, but are not limited to, support for business operations, real estate, personal property, and karmic issues.

X-Test is a suitable option for anyone who believes in the power of prayer.

The user interface of the X-Test™ workstation is depicted below:

X-Test™ Sessions

For each client, a dedicated channel is configured. Then a series of preset general prayer functions is activated.

Once the basic channel setup has been completed, the prayer input field can be selected and customized. This process begins with a short, yet sufficiently detailed description of the situation that needs to be improved. Then specific prayer requests for resolving or eliminating all causes and reasons associated with that situation, along with requests for specific changes and attainment of desired goals or outcomes are formulated and activated.

To seek assistance from specific helpers in the spiritual realm, the Worries and Wishes page of the X-Test™ workstation facilitates additional communication options.

X-Test™ is ideally suited for virtual support. Channel configuration can be accomplished easily over the phone or the internet (via Zoom or Doxy.me). Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to address any specific questions you may have.

For further insights into the power of prayer and practical guidance, we also recommend Intimate Conversations with the Divine: Prayer, Guidance, and Grace by Caroline Myss:

“Contemporary prayer is a dialogue with the Divine and is the conduit for grace to enter your life and our world.”  —Caroline Myss, New York Times best-selling author, Medical Intuitive