John’s Background

John Vomastic is a visionary leader with wide-ranging interests and expertise. Throughout his professional career, he has been instrumental in motivating team spirit and excellence in performance in his fellow human beings.

With an academic background in civil engineering, John had a distinguished 24-year career as a U.S. Navy test and combat pilot and acquisition-management executive, followed by program-management positions in the defense industry. He retired from the Navy with the rank of Captain (O-6) in 1989 and from Department-of-Defense-related work in 1997. John then returned to his engineering roots, designing and building a home in the Colorado mountains, where he enjoys living surrounded by nature along with his wife, Verena, and their four-legged companions.

One of John’s hobbies is home automation, including a monitoring system to capture wildlife activities around the house, many of which would otherwise go unnoticed. A March 2013 visit by three mountain lions turned into both national and international news events and earned him the local title of Mountain Lion Man. More of the story is available here.

A metaphysical scholar for much of his life, John became interested in the emerging field of energy medicine through a workshop he attended with Verena in 2007. His subsequent professional holistic-healing trainings include Applied Kinesiology with Donna Eden; Reiki Levels I and II; and Reconnective Healing® Levels I and II.

While he does not formally practice energy medicine, John makes many critical contributions to the Mountain Light Healing operation behind the scenes. He participates in and lends expertise to research, administration, and event-coordination efforts and shares his experiences and insights gained from working with various energy-medicine modalities. His feedback supports Verena in fine-tuning her approaches for working with clients.

John is always open to exploring new realms as he continues on his own spiritual journey and is looking forward to meeting you at a future event.